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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry At Peoria Dental Smiles 

One of the fundamental principles of Peoria Dental Smiles is prevention. In our practice, preventive dentistry refers to the services, education, and tools we offer patients to improve and maintain their oral health. 

Practicing preventive dentistry ensures our patient's oral health to avoid cavities, gum disease, and enamel wear, among others. Good preventive care will significantly reduce the risk of caries, gingivitis, and periodontitis. Without proper preventive dentistry, problems can go undetected. 

We believe in educating and helping our patients about the importance of proper and conscientious home care, regular checkups, and professional dental cleanings, and helping to keep dental problems to a minimum. When we detect a dental problem early, it is much easier to fix and treat. 

What is Preventive Dentistry? 

Preventive dentistry is the modern way to help you maintain a healthy mouth. It is a combination of regular dental checkups and developing good habits such as brushing and flossing. Thus helping to preserve your teeth without the need for many dental treatments. 

Preventive dental care is the key to reducing the risk of gum disease, cavities, enamel wear, and tooth decay. Seeing a dentist regularly benefits your mouth and pocketbook more than the often devastating results of neglecting your teeth. 

Dentist with dental instrument
Dentist with dental instrument

What are the benefits of Preventive Dentistry? 

Aside from reducing the risk of cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis, among other dental problems, preventive dentistry can also reduce the risk of secondary problems caused by poor oral health. 

Here are some of the health problems that can be related to poor oral health: 

- Diabetes.

- Heart disease.

- Osteoporosis.

- Respiratory diseases. 

- Cancer. 

- Premature birth 

- Low birth weight 

Who can benefit from Preventive Dentistry?

Everyone! Preventive dentistry benefits anyone with a mouth because even people without teeth benefit. After all, mouth cancer and denture stomatitis can be detected during regular dental visits and treated afterward. 

We all benefit from preventive dentistry because oral health is related to the whole body's health. Children benefit because it allows their new adult teeth to grow strong and healthy. If you are an older adult, you also benefit because it enables you to keep your natural teeth. Dental sealants and topical fluoride treatments help prevent cavities. 

Preventive dental care can offer many benefits from infancy through late adulthood that will save you time, money, and pain. 

What are the treatments in Preventive Dentistry?

The most common dentistry treatments used in preventive dentistry include: 

Teeth Cleaning

It is well known that maintaining good oral health requires daily brushing and flossing. But professional teeth cleaning is the best way to remove accumulated plaque and tartar because they stick between the tooth and gum, making it difficult to remove by brushing. A professional dentist must use special tools for plaque removal inside the gums and between the teeth. 

Regular Oral Examinations

Using various tools, your dentist closely examines your oral health to quickly detect any early signs of cavities, gum disease, and other problems that need immediate treatment through an oral exam. 

Diagnostic Tests

Once a potential oral health problem is detected, your dentist will perform diagnostic tests, such as digital x-rays or oral cancer screening, to further examine the severity of the problem. They will use these results to work with your team to create the best treatment plan for you. 

Oral Hygiene Education

Express your doubts and questions regarding your oral hygiene habits; your dentist is your ally and constantly teaches new things about oral hygiene that can help you. Learning the correct method of brushing and flossing doesn't have to be as complicated as you think; you must remember that proper dental hygiene must be done daily for it to work optimally. Your dentist may recommend other oral care forms depending on your condition. 

Some Signs and Symptoms of Dental Conditions 

If you exhibit some of the following examples, it's time to schedule your appointment at Peoria Dental Smiles to have Dr. Reese Turner and his dental team take care of your oral health before it's too late. Some of the conditions include the following:

- Bad breath

- Jaw pain

- Tooth sensitivity

- Bad taste

- Bleeding gums 

- Dental pain

- Mouth sores or lesions

- Loose or wobbly teeth

- Chipped or broken teeth 

- Dental work that is failing. 

man smiling showing dental instruments

Preventive Dentistry For Everyone At Home In Peoria, AZ

At Peoria Dental Smiles, we aim to inform patients about the oral-systemic connection and discuss the consequences of dental neglect and how it can affect the entire body. We seek preventative care to protect your smile from damage caused by cavities, disease, and other harmful conditions before they cause damage that requires repair. 

Dr. Reese Turner and his experienced and knowledgeable dental team uniquely offer each patient guidance and support to help them maintain excellent oral health. They have been in business for over 15 years in Peoria, AZ, reaping success by treating patients like family, proud of the quality of their service.

At Peoria Dental Smiles, we welcome the opportunity to take care of you, your family, and your friends' oral health. If you haven't been to the dentist in a while or are due for your routine exam, we invite you to schedule a dental exam today so you can prevent many common oral health problems that can affect your quality of life. 

Visit us here or call us at (623) 572-0102 Protect your smile from future damage with the preventive care Peoria Dental Smiles has for you and yours. Our highest priority and passion is to see our patients satisfied with our services.

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