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Dr. Reese Turner is a highly experienced and skilled dentist who has served the Peoria, AZ, community for over 25 years. A graduate of Marquette Dental School, Dr. Reese Turner has honed his specialized skills in all aspects of general dentistry. In addition to his personal activities, Dr. Reese Turner is dedicated to the community and has been an active member of Dawson Academy, SPEAR Education, and the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. When he is not busy providing exceptional dental care to his patients, Dr. Turner enjoys spending time with music and is an avid scuba diver in his spare time.

Marquette dental school campus
25+ Years of Training and Expertise

Dr. Turner's background

Dr. Turner is a qualified dentist dedicated to providing his patients with the best care in conservative dentistry. Dr. Reese Turner is intensely active in professional dental networks and has received advanced training in complex endodontic therapy, Advance CEREC to deliver same-day crowns and bridges, and a certification in dental implant implementation at Sraumann and Implant Direct. He is also a member of the Flying Samaritans, providing dental care in impoverished areas and third-world countries. With his broad range of knowledge and understanding in general and conservative dentistry, Dr. Reese Turner redefines the art and science of quality dentistry at Peoria Dental Smiles in Peoria, AZ.

Always Putting Patient Care First

Dr. Turner's Dedication To You

Dr. Reese Turner possesses a warm personality and a facility for creating a relaxed and calm environment where open and honest communication is encouraged. It will be easy to tell him all your needs and concerns about your smile. In addition to his compassionate practice of General Conservative Dentistry, Dr. Reese Turner has a life outside of being a smile artist. He loves spending time with his family, music, and exploring the deep sea, as he is an avid scuba diver. Despite having his life filled with all these wonders, he also manages to be a member of Flying Samaritans, providing dental care in impoverished areas and Third World countries. Dr. Turner guarantees his patients complete care concerning your smile as his life philosophy is: "Giving people a smile that they love." It is comforting to know that he believes in using conservative dentistry to achieve your smile goals.

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